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Pete Foley Q&A (40k team leader)

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Hello again everyone !

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-A primaris space marines is a 10k old mission from cawl they are different from space marines.
-Indomitus crusade is gulli job since gathering storm and the goal is to gift other chapter (sw ba) the ability to made primaris.
-you can upgrade old marines with the new implants
-you can make them in test tube or select+train them like old method.
-Flesh tearer should be reluctant to primaris !
-where is mark9 ? : mysterie
-mark10 : can't say to much but hype (maybe one per troop type)
Chapter master are given the formula to make primaris marines by cawl.
-Each faction should have tricks to get to melee
-melee do more damage, because of pile in and charge stuff.
-Melee threat range are greater.
-you can consolidate in melee (consolidate ?)
-they said combat will be fine.
-Weapon and initiative : power fist strike at init but -1 to hit, some weapon interrupt activation etc. A lot of units abilities are unique and change init.
-psychic power : roll or choose.
-peril of the warp are still in : suffer mortal damage if fumble.
-army building : no specific force org chart but army/theme specific stratagem (power you use command point on)
-You can use command point before the game to slightly alter the army composition.
-Battleforged army must share one key words "Imperium" = 3 basic stratagem, "Space Marines" = access to sm stratagesm, "Blood Angel= ba stratagem. but they all share the force chart (the 9 they talked about.)
-NOTHING overide the reserve rules in match play. it's possible in narrative. but never in competitive mode.
-Transport have transport capacity you are free to fill them how you want 2 *5 squads +2 characters for a 12 capacity. They have a keywords system for termos and rhino.
-Command squad have ability to shield guard from shooting attack (hive guard) even against sniper rifle but sniper rifle have to stay relevant
-Grav weapon : every thing been rebalance so grav should not be auto pick (no details)
-Combo ? : there is a lot of depth in the keywords system + command points + stratagem..
-Blast weapon : Lot of blast dmg are more than one.
-Inv save : protected save instead of armor save, it's not affected by AP. but a lot of ability kick in after, like second save, ignore dmg, etc...
-Huge monster (tyrannids) faster tougher stronger.
-Wound allocation : Defender decide who die (aos)
-Can i play full dread ? : Yes !
-Maybe gulliman rewrite the codex ! ^^(second ed)
-Primaris and corruption ? : designed to be resilient to chaos taint, but who knows they are untested.
-what the point of old marines ? : Very different, tatical marines are flexible and the new rules allow them to do just that.
-psychic power : lot of power, might fonction in different way, + new one.
-Collect feedback from community ? : Facebook + working on a live FAQ + up and down vote (wow) to real time update, no real forum. Great effort to ask the community.
-gw more involved in tournament ? : more at WW (one every week ?), more support to independent tournament (big one).
-they continue to play test after release for old and new units.
-More primarcs ? A COLD ONE(Cowled one sorry^^) SHOULD BE COMMING BACK SOON !!!!!!!!!!

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