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Bloodbowl news from warhammer fest !

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Hello again !!

Bloodbowl info

Goblin pitch (card)
More Dice (I think he said the skaven & dwarf ones will be re-issued)
Skaven star player
Player cards
More tokens for DZ2 teams (resin)
Showed pictures of:
Human booster pack (resin)
Minotaur star player (resin I think)
Talked about stuff coming soon:
More plastic teams (sold well enough to commit to hire two new people producing more plastic miniatures - overheard Andy earlier in the day saying all new teams will be plastic inc star players)
More dice sets
More pitches
Team card packs
(Each team will be released with dice sets, a pitch, card park)
More star players
More booster packs

Announced the next team will actually be:
Elven union


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