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Bloodbowl upgrade and new products

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Hello again !!

boosters for the skaven a the human team
Elve union
3 neoprene pitchs (human, orcs, gob)
Tokens for Underworld and Renegades

Skaven booster
Thumb skaventeambooster

2 gutters 1 blitzer 1 thrower ? meh...

Human booster
Thumb human team booster

2 blitzer + 1 catcher + 1 thrower ok i guess.

that's it i guess


Thumb minotaur
Thumb grim ironjaw
Thumb elven union team 1
Thumb orc team neoprene pitch
Thumb human team neoprene pitch
Thumb underworld denizens and chaos renegades
Thumb goblin secret weapons