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Thunderhawk kit pics

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Hello everyone !!!

BingBong sended images of his new Thunderhawk ,plus info about the quality and the ability to pin it to a flying stand !
Thank you very much for sending these, it's much appreciated !!!!

The kit is really well cast and crisp - haven't seen a single void or air bubble - really nowhere! All of the large pieces are cast with thick section walls and overlapping joins for a really solid model. When Tony Cottrell joked that 'this one should be easier to put together' he really wasn't joking, this is really good work by FW. Nothing is warped to the naked eye so far, but I haven't done any work on it yet, so that remains to be seen, but so far I get the feeling everything is pretty damn good!

I spent a while talking to Daren Parrwood on Sunday (@ the fest) about his pattern making work on the kit. He pointed out that he gave some consideration to the centre of gravity of the kit and mounting it 'flying'.

It's worth noting that he calculated this and made this area of the underside fuselage particularly thick and incorporates overlapping pieces to give a really solid area when drilling through the underside of the model for those that want to make a flying base.

In the last I have placed a 5 pence piece on the Manuel page over the 'sweet spot' for drilling as outlined by Daren for anyone interested.

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Where to drill
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If you want to add a flying stand, this part (where the penny his) have been renforced so you can drill and pin

I hope we will see it painted :D


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