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Dark Imperium Review

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Hello again everyone !!

At last; the NDA have been lifted. We know it's a bit late as everything is already known but heh nothing we can do about it :D
I am going to try to add a few details that you may have missed.

The box

Big and heavy, reminded me of the shadow war one.
Inside the sprue were in a separate container, a thin cardboard box like the one for a keyboard, and with bubble wrap.
I opened a lot of GW box lately but it was the first time i noticed that.

The sprues

As usual with GW it's top of the line product. The layout is logical, when you build a marines the other parts are close on the sprue and not on the other side ^^.

As you can see on the image i have built one marine and the parts clipped are all adjacents ! I am not expert on sprue construction but i heard multiple time that it was no small task to achieve this. well done then !

There is not difficult models parts to get, but the Nurgle sprues have many thin bitz and you need to be careful when cutting.
If it's obvious that the Nurgle element are incredibly well made, i assure you that even the humble tactical "plain" marine have a lot of edge and details !


There is 53 models !! that is a lot of plastic :D

Quality is great, Captain is gravis is super crisp as all the nurgle.

Size comparison :
First model is second edition (i think^^)
Second model is Dark vengeance
Third model is Blood Angel tactical squad
Fourth model is a Primaris space marine

Assembling is clip and glue.
They are super easy to build thanks to the different forms the clip have. (see the sprue image)

Mold line : They are surprisingly present and hard to remove, extra advice even if you think you removed it, file it again or you run the risk to see them again after priming. :(


The instruction inside this booklet use a new improved layout and explanation

As a test, I asked my wife if the instruction was clear to her, and she said "yes". Good job GW can't argue with that ^^

Special mention of having all the sprue with components on the first page.

ps: Paint instruction are inside this one.

The Rules book

Very big book with loads of content, fluff, image, paint, rules, narrative and so's 280 pages.
Very good quality and with a dandy page holder !

A little extract that could interest you ;)

Extra stuff

Fly stand have different size, very nice to create a height difference.

2 booklets, one per faction, a bit of fluff, one page per units, stats + chapter colors.

1 plastic inch ruler

Flexible plastic, it's not an incredible product, but very handy to have it in soft plastic.
I will add him into my Warmachine toolbox (for fast and precise measurement)

Small rules booklet

Good to have one without having to look trough the big book

12 dices and not the cheap small we usually get.


There is 5 index with all the units entry you can play into the 8th.
They are a temporary solution to play all your models into the new game system. They did the same with WFB but they were free.
Nothing is definitive and codex are coming (very fast ^^)
TBH my favorite part of the release was the index, i spent 3 hours just reading units entry. It's so much fun (to me)

Inside it's only stat and 1 or 2 pages of fluff for each army.

But that get the job done you get the 2 points systems (power level and full points)

ps: Full points are a pain to use right now because of the layout we played a quick game tonight and we didn't bothered with the points. (game was a blast but it's for later ^^)

Ok that's it for preview coverage !

The starter value is incredible, this is a new level even for gw.
Even if nurgle make you sick and Primaris don't interest it's not a bad deal but you only need one index and a rules book.
Maybe i am wrong but i was said that free booklets should be aviable in store on release. (not 100% sure)

The last 10 days were amazing and we would like to thanks all of you, so a BiG thank you to visiting here :D
Ho and thx gw too ;)

Bob (and Atia)