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Dark Imperium Fluff (Spoiler!)

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Hello again !!

Some fluff bits from the rule book: scroll down at your own risk!

- The hot topic is the Great Rift, dividing the galaxy in two. One side can't see the Astronomican's light anymore. Half of the space marines chapters are unaccounted for and a few of them got destroyed.
- Assault on Terra, Emperor's palace was assaulted by a Khorne army, but RowBowTee took charge of the defense with Primaris + Cutodes + Sister of Silence.
- During the darkest hour, when all communication where cut, multiple sightings of the Legion of the Damned, (Baal, Armageddon...and hundreds more planets)
- Indomitus Crusade: Lots of different strike forces, lead by Guilliman. Imperial Fists are mentioned.
- Armageddon: Mega Warp storms transform half the planet into a daemon world, Khorne and Tzeentch fight each other so much, that orcs and human fought side by side (briefly). Note: Salamanders prevented a ritual to summon Angron back to the planet !
-Baal: Blood Angels nearly wiped by Leviathan's fleet, saved by the rift and Guilliman. Expect a Khorne vs Blood Angels thing in the future.
- Plague of plagues: Mortarion besieges Ultramar - there's even a mention of a fight between the two brothers.
- An intermittent passage through the Great Rift was discovered near the Eye of Terror. Revealing a sector owned by Chaos Imperial Knights!

Mysterious part " Terra Retaliates"
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That's all for the Dark Imperium fluff.


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