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More "Dark Imperium" Spoilers

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

I'm back with some more background spoilers from Dark Imperium - enjoy :)

(I also added yesterday's infos for completion sake)


- The book starts roughly 100 years after the Heresy - with the death of a Primarch. Guilliman vs Fulgrim, finally written down to enjoy.
- Fulgrim uses the warp tainted scar from Kor Phaeron's athame (Horus Heresy: Know no Fear) to wound his brother.
- Thiel became Captain of the 2nd Company of the Ultramarines after the Heresy! Sadly, his final fate is unknown (Guilliman can't find any records of him in 40k).

- Guilliman is Imperial Regent in 40k - the voice of the Emperor himself.

- The plan for the Primaris was indeed made before Guillis death, Cawl was oathbounded and used the millenia to craft these Legions.
- Cawl originally created tens of thousands of Primaris Marines over the course of 10k years.
- Half of them were originally formed into chapters.
- The other were gathered into big armies, each from one primarch's gene line. They wear the colours of the original legions, badges are crossed with grey chevrons.
- These armies IGNORE the Codex Astartes.
- The Primaris Marines sometimes fought like the Great Crusade Legions, sometimes as little kill teams, sometimes the size of two chapters.
- Later in the crusade, mixed forces from different gene lines were used (so, f.e. an unit made up from an Ultramarine, Imperial Fist and Space Wolf).
- Named the "Unnumbered Sons of the Primarchs" - also known as Greyshields.
- During the time of the Indomitus Crusade, more and more of these died, or got assigned to different chapters. This is a big problem for the Primaris Marines because they started to like their brethren - it doesn't matters from which gene seed they are for them.
- 100 years after the Gathering Storm, only 20.000 Unnumbered Sons remained.

- When Guilliman was reborn, he didn't really understand what happened in the last 10k years, so he kind of re-iterated the remembrancers.
- Initially, Cawl gave him machine-moderated engrammatic updates (sounds painful? yep it is).
- Belisarius Cawl is quite detached from the wider galaxy - he lived for the quest of creating the Primaris Marines. He also has his own sub faction within the Mechanicus, and not everyone there likes him for what he does (tech heresy?^^).
- The history records of 40k are really really really bad (I think this will finally end the Black Library vs Codex canon discussion :P). Actually, they are worse than during the Unification Wars!
- Most of the history of old earth and the Crusade that got pieced together by the 30k remembrancers is lost in 40k.
- While it was impossible to suppress the knowledge of the warp, the Inquisition tried. Guilliman doesn't really like that they killed innocents just for keeping the secret of Daemons.
- The Inquisition even opposed Guilliman on his quest for knowledge.

- The Chronostrife - a war withing the Ordo Chronos. It's about the Imperial dating system. Not even the calendar of the Great Crusade had survived 10.000 years ...
- During the Great Crusade and the Heresy, there was a standard time dating system.
- A true chronicle of the galaxy is almost impossible now. Guilliman calculates the current year anywhere between early M41 and M42. This is pretty much the in universe reason why we have no timeline anymore, and why we are "still in 999.M41, or aren't we?".

- There are now Tetrarchs again in 40k.
- The Sisters of Silence see Guilliman as living saint - they are glad he is back and they worship him.
- The Custodes are actually quite grumpy. The know now they sat 10k years of Terra doing nothing (besides beeing killed by Harlequins). They are now back in the fight though!
- When Guilliman spoke with the Emperor during the gathering storm he was shocked how his "father" really sees him - not as a son, but a tool. So yeah, this builds up on the MoM story line. (I actually skipped quite to the end of the novel for this one).
- The Emperor's humanity is all but gone in 40k.
- The psychic aftershocks of his visit with the Emperor still trouble Guilliman 100 years later - his "father" lost his subtlety.

- The aeldari told Guilliman the history of the universe - including the war in heaven, and about chaos.

- It seems like (atleast some of) the Primaris Marines spend 10k years in and out of stasis.
- Already 100 years after the Heresy, the normal Space Marines seemed to be weaker and worse than GC era Marines.
- There are Primaris Librarians.

- It seems like Rowboote isn't really a fan (as in, he doesn't really love them) of the Primaris Marines.
- He only sees them as a tool (atleast for now).
- It's also implied that he actually is a psyker and tries not to use his potential because of Magnus' censorship. The Emperor's sword is actually a psy-weapon (hence the fire), but he doesn't use it with all his powers.
- He still thinks in practica and theoretica :)

- Sicarius now leads the Victrix Guard. Guilliman thinks he is a bit like Thiel, and he is trying to form him into a real (political) leader, not only a warrior champion.

- Guilli doesnt need to wear his armour. His new armour is not worn over his old one.
- Russ and Khan were still there and kicking when Guilliman got "killed".
- There is a new flyer called "Overlord". Thunderhawks look like toys next to it - it's basically a Primaris Stormbird.

- New equivalent for Terminators - Marines in Gravis Armour (same as the Captain from the starter box)
- Primaris Scouts!