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The Fate of Konor: More on the Global Campaign

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Hello everyone !!

A few details on the new summer campaign :

The story of the campaign will take place in Ultramar, as armies battle for the strategically vital system of Konor

the Death Guard

The campaign will be fought over 6 weeks, with a new battleground taking centre stage every 7 days.

The outcome of each week’s battles will dictate the narrative for the next week,

help to decide the overall winner of the campaign

Play At home, in store, at a club

open, narrative, matched – all your results can count towards the outcome.

Our own Warhammer and Games Workshop store will, of course, be involved, as will thousands of local independent hobby shops and gaming centres

The campaign starts at the end of July,

Full article :

So it's Chaos vs Order again, xenos can choose who they give points to !