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New Primaris and DG stuff

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Thumb 40k getting started

Hello everyone !!!

2 new heroes for primaris (captain and liby) next week.
Primaris scout (reiver) : Easy to build stuff. Week after.

2 new box with colored plastic.
First strike : Easy to build stuff for both side + colored plastic, 50%.
Know no fear : Mini dark imp set.

For death guard :
They only showed a few easy to build models.
3 DG. (one new weapon?)
6 pox walkers.

more info tomorow :D

Atia & bob.

Thumb 40kprimariscapreveal2
Thumb 40kprimarislibreveal1
Thumb 40kprimarisreiversreveal
Thumb 40keasyplaguereveal
Thumb 40keasypoxreveal
Thumb 40kfirststrikereveal
Thumb 40kknownofearreveal