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New faction for Runewars Minatures game

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Hello everyone !!

New faction presented by FFG for the game Runewars !

The locust horde (desert demon/ Eater of all life theme)

Long ago, the Uthuk Y’llan ravaged the land like locusts, consuming everything in their path, leaving only destruction in their wake. After the horde’s defeat at the end of the First Darkness, the Uthuk disappeared and their memory faded into legend. But the Ru Darklands begin to stir again as the demonic warbands emerge from the Black Citadel to spread chaos and destruction once more.
Locust Horde starter
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4 units, wheels, terrains (2) cards, mission, tokens.

Gameplay ?
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Gameplay wise the faction focus on Panic inducing mechanism/buff and random and out of activation mouvement. Look different from other factions. Some wheels are Hot !!! (ravos is a beast in melee)

The Four Factions are now :
Elves (wood/nature)
Locust horde : Uthuk Y’llan

faction presentation on ffg

Game presentation on ffg

If you are missing Rank and file you should try it !!


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