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Stuff revealed on warhammer tv today

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Hello everyone !!

Not much today but here some screen from the inside of the codex.

-Chapter color
-New primaris Organs

Discussion summary :

-They worked a lot on this codex from a fluff or rules point of view because SM is the baseline for everything !!
-Tons of new stuff.
-The primaries, Anti grav tank should be strong, durable and shoot for a long time ^^
-Rules for all the First founding chapter in the dex (stratagems, relic, chapter tactics for each one of them) not just ultramarines. (8 chapters)
The quote is : rules and CT for first founding so essentially 8 chapters.

Chapter tactics really represent different chapters (same for stratagem)
-Kill shot stratagem, Line breaker bombardement stratagem (really define the army)
-lot of rules to visualise cool units and detachment.
-Even if you mix max, playing the background is competitive for real !
The rules guys succeeded in making the fluff effective rulewise.
- Spread image about sicarius 2 comp renforced by primaris (should look cool)


ps : At some point Phil Kely flip the codex i'll try to get a pic of this.
- Can't see
-Black templar primaris ?
- It's an apothecary ? (white on the left?)

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