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Lock and load coverage (PP convention)

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Hello everyone !!

It was lock and load this week end here the main info :

-Next year faction will be : Crucible guard.
-Each years a new mini faction will be released at lock and load.
-Theme are the new black, and the new way to play warmachine, by the end of the year every models will be playable in a theme.
(at some point they need to get real and call them sub faction or mini faction )
-One teaser theme video :
-One teaser release video :
-Patrick Dunford won the Iron gauntled (with Haley2 good old scenario win with feat :/)
-Mercs and Minions will eventually be gone through and add on new factions like Grymkin and Crucible Guard to factions that can take them.
-image for the next Khador theme
-More theme are coming for everyone but unless something is totaly broken they want player to figure out the meta (hell yea) and stop to fear about their models.


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