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White scars Focus

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Hello everyone !!

It's white scars day !!

Chapter Tactic

So +2 move and fall back + charge.
ps: If you didn't played aos charging after fallback is super handy in a fight. It's even better in 40k v8 as you get auto priority every turn ^^

Inceptors, in particular, are one of the most dangerous units that a White Scars general can field, capable of shooting and charging when they fall back thanks to having both Fly and the White Scars Chapter Tactic

Kor sarro

Kor’sarro Khan is as powerful as he ever was, and his unique ability For the Khan! boosts the Strength of charging White Scars units


The White Scars Stratagem, Born in the Saddle, allows White Scars bikers to advance, shoot, and charge, meaning that each biker has a potential threat range of 26″

Warlord Trait

Deadly Hunter allows your Warlord to deal mortal wounds when charging,


while the Mantle of the Stormseer makes it easier for White Scars psykers to cast Smite and unleash the power of the storm.

Pretty straightforward if you ask me ^^