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Inside the studio (Primaris Dreadnought)

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Hello everyone !!

Sculptor's talk about the new dread:

- 8 months work
- Lots of tests with helmet/human looking/ sarcophagus ...
- Wanted a BIG and Heavy Dread.
- They even animated it to see articulation moving
- Arms can be locked without glue

- Rocket on top (turn + elevation, quite mobile and quick reacting gun, maybe anti air?)
- Chest plate opens up to show off painted sarcophagus+cables ^^
- Center weapon (Rocket or bolter + future upgrade could be stuff like a flamer for Salamanders)
- All armor plates are separate like the Imperial Knight (so you can build the exoskeleton and then add the plates)
- Anti infantry/tank option on hardpoints.

Lots of design talk :D

I love that model - I need an army of them!


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