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Grand Alliance: Death in the General’s Handbook 2017

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Morning everyone !!

Death teaser by Warhammer community :

Have Morghast as battle line and can take ally in other death faction.

Death courts delusion

NightHaunt deep strike rule

Nighthaunt forces make powerful and otherworldly armies in the new General’s handbook. They are capable of deploying to the battlefield in the middle of the game or even turning one of their Cairn Wraiths or Tomb Banshees into a Wizard. If you choose the Nighthaunt allegiance, you’ll also be able to benefit from Hexwraiths as battleline units, allowing for a whole army of spectral riders to run down your foes with.

Soublight (vampire)
Can now pick blood line for them and have their own artefact


One small but significant change that’s going to be great for Death armies in the new edition is Massive Regiments. This new addition to matched play is aimed at making horde units more viable by offering players a points discount when they take a unit at its full size; you’ll want to take your Skeleton Warriors in units of 40 and your Zombies in units of 60.