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Escape the Boardgame 2nd Edition : Rebellion and Revolution (Kickstarter)

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Hello everyone !!

Escape the Boardgame 2nd Edition kickstarter !!!!


Welcome to ESCAPE, survivors!

In 2152, more than a hundred years after the end of the Apocalypse, a seismic weapon is set off, resulting in a new chaotic situation in Europe. Above the ground, damages are spectacular, but without lasting consequences: the re-emerging humanity did not rebuild its civilisation. So, except for a short spike of volcanic activity in the south of the continent, everything goes back to normal in less than five years.

In the underground depths, this accident showed more serious long-term consequences. The seismic tremors damaged an important I.S.C. Communication relay. Its signal is corrupted and unusable. A.B.R.I. and LABS that once were linked to each other by a computer network are suddenly isolated. N.O.A.H., the artificial intelligence that monitors the I.S.C. Activity, is now divided in as many entities as there are LABS.

The game
ESCAPE is a board game for 2 to 5 players.

In ESCAPE, one player assumes the role of N.O.A.H., a relentless and scheming artificial intelligence trying to keep the LAB under control by using the dreadful machines of the I.S.C. With only one goal: to complete the plans assigned to it when it was built.

The other(s) player(s) share the Resistance characters as they want. These are a group of humans who refuse the tyranny of the corrupted program controlling the LAB, and who try to free humanity from its yoke.

Video explaining the game :

Link to the kickstarter page :

I have the First edition of the game (it was released in a magazine) and it's a very good game.
Add Great mini from the eden universe and you get something extra.

Escape Revollution & Rebellion are 2 standalone boxes with different map, scenarios and miniatures!

They also can complete each other to make a big L.A.B. and to add more pleasure by mixing profiles!

The Kickstarter is already well funded and Happy game factory are no begginer in the KS game it should be a safe venture :D


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