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WarStages: The Gothic Cathedral

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Hello everyone !!!

New kickstarter by Raging Heroes and it's an exiting one !

WarStages is THE Scenery System for 28mm scale miniatures you've been waiting for: Ultra-Modular, Epic, Flexible, Gorgeous!

Choose your pledge level to select the cathedral size you want.

Watch your rewards grow as freebies are unlocked (95% of stretch goals are freebies). The bigger your pledge, the more Freebies you get!

When Add Ons are unlocked (the Gothic Daedalus Extension, the Gaming Mat, etc.) you can pledge extra money to add one or several of them to your pledge.

Please note that you MUST pledge for one of the Cathedral Kits to get access to other ADD-ONS.

It’s Gonna be a Limited Edition: Due to the way the printing industry works, we’ll do only one run, as large as possible to keep costs down. But once it’s gone, that will be it

What is it made of? The WarStages kits are made of 1.8mm thick high-quality super-dense coated colour-printed pre-punched cardboard. Once it is assembled with our Plastic clips, it creates super sturdy structures. We chose this material after over a year of testing all possible options..


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