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Legion Focus: Black Legion

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Hello everyone !!

It's Black Legion day :D

The trait !
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On the paper it seem good but i have to see it in game to be 100% convinced.

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Other interesting points :

Running Rubrik !!

It’s worth noting that with the new Chaos Space Marines codex, Noise Marines, Plague Marines, Berzerkers and Rubric Marines are available to a much wider range of Chaos Legions. The Black Legion has always been renowned for bringing together Chaos Space Marines from far and wide in its warbands, and any of the “cult marines” make for a strong choice in the army. Rubric Marines are a particularly potent pick, able to fire their armour-piercing inferno boltguns on the move thanks to Black Crusaders

Running pack on 20
Even without Abadon you can pick 20 BL marines, run, shoot and reroll (with the stratagem). Feel very pre heresy ^^

Lot of good stuff for the BL !


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