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AoS: Generals Handbook and new Boxed Sets - next week!

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

The General's Handbook is on the way soon - aswell as new cards and box sets!

via Warhammer Community:

"It’s nearly here – the General’s Handbook 2017 arrives next week for pre-order. Every Warhammer Age of Sigmar player is going to want this book – it’s packed with new ways to play, new ways to build your army and all sorts of updates to make the game more fun than ever."

For the truly dedicated, the Warlords Edition of the General’s Handbook is packed with extras that’ll help you with your games. As well as cards for every battleplan in the book, you’ll be able to get your hands on turn trackers, tokens and more – you’ll be perfectly equipped for a new age of gaming in the Mortal Realms."

Open War Cards
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"With the new Open War cards, you’ll be able to generate new battleplans for your games in seconds – there are 62,208 different combinations of objectives, deployment plans, game-changing twists, cunning ruses and sudden death conditions meaning that every game between any two armies will feel fun and fresh."

New Sets for your Allies!
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"If you’re looking to take advantage of the new allies rules for your army, there are loads of boxed sets on the way that are designed especially for that purpose. Each one of these boxes contains around 400 points worth of miniatures – perfect for slotting into a 2000 point matched play army – and is made up of useful units for your army."

Lady Atia

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