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Far Future Campaigns initiative !

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Hello everyone !!

I'd like to share some info about the far future campaigns initiative. It's super interesting and look very promising !

Welcome to Far Future Campaigns! This is a fan site that produces unofficial, high-quality rules supplements to Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 that help players enjoy more in-depth campaigns using their miniatures.

In a nutshell FFC propose you to play a campaign with draft rules and injury management. At the start you build a roster of units and for each game you select some of them, after the game they can gain skills or be wounded.

Far Future Campaigns' main goal is to maintain rules for our Roster Campaign, which has players develop two large rosters of units and play a series of missions by drawing army lists from this roster. The Roster Campaign also includes casualty management rules, so depending on how the missions go, soldiers in your army may become hardened veterans that fight stronger than before, might suffer temporary injuries that cause them to miss out on a mission or two, or may be permanently disabled or killed and removed from your roster. By drawing lists from a single roster and introducing casualty management, players must carefully manage larger forces, must make hard choices about who to risk on missions, and can easily string missions together to make a fun story!

Our Roster Campaign rules are in a draft format right now, we've only been able to playtest them on a small scale and want to make sure the rules are fun and balanced so we will need your help! We'd also like to include some fan-made artwork in our final draft. More on that below.

Sound cool heh ? xp, wound and miss next game feel interesting.

The website :
Rules :
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Can i Help ?

Yes you can, they are looking for feedback, playtester, arts !

plz go check it out it worth it !!