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General Handbook 2017 review (2/2)

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Hello everyone :)

Yesterday we started our review of the GH2017 with Allegiance abilities, points and matched play. Today i'd like to complete the review with open and narrative play!

Open Play in GH2017

The Open play goal didn't change this edition. It's still a fast way to start playing, if you don't have all the models needed to fill the force organisation chart of matched play, don't want to bother with points or have models from different alliances.

While this didn't change GW pushed the envelope and spiced up the open play!

Multiplayer games: Coalition of Death

I think the biggest obstacle to wargames is having to play 1vs1. GH2017 tackles the problem and offers full support to 2vs2 or 1vs2 or 3vs3... in the form of Coalition of Death!

This is the first page of this section explaining different options:

Use wounds or points, uneven numbers of players, confederation, game master ... quite a number of cases covered.

Fog of War

The studio even considered the way we play and added a fun little twist with Messengers and Charge declarations ^^

That looks so funny, I imagine starting the game with both generals close to each other to be able to communicate and switching to messages when they are separated ^^

Other rules
But there is even more stuff in the Coalition of Death!
- There is only 1 warlord (AKA the super general of the 2 generals)
- Both generals can use their command ability but only affect their forces (even if they have the same Keywords)
- Finest hour: During a turn (random and secretly decided at the start of the game) your general gets extra omph.
- Divine Intervention: Divine help mechanism were failure is bad news ^^

There are 6 Battleplans with Coalition of Death, here's one example:

Basically you have to fight for the 6 points each to score victory points ^^

If you are into more chaotic multiplayer games, there is another option included in the book!

Multiplayer games: Triumph and Treachery

This game mode is crazy and my most memorable game of AoS was the T&T scenario in the White Dwarf.

T&T overview
- The Mod is for 3 players or more.
- Each turn you roll to see who is first. The winner of the roll "CHOOSES" who's turn it is. You are not forced to play first but instead you can choose someone else to see how things turn out. ^^
- Neutral: At the start of each phase you choose one player (and only one) to be your enemy for this phase - the other is neutral. It's important to choose well because only enemies get to pile in, neutral ones can't! (unless they spend treachery points)
- VP & Bribe: you can use Victory points as a currency to bribe other players!
- Treachery points: the worse the situation the more you generate, then you can use them on sneaky actions.
- You can use optional secret objectives.

There is even an option to use a Campaign map:

To conclude on T&T, this is my favorite mod for AoS. You can gather your friends and play like it's a board-game night, but with cool GW models!

Narrative play

Last but not least the narrative section. This is a rich blend of fluff and gaming.
The 3 importants parts that I am going to show you are:
- Time of war
- New Battleplans
- Siege Warfare

Time of War

7 regions of the mortal realms are represented, they all introduce new rules, spells, risks or gains. Here are two images of what you can expect:


6 new colorful Battleplans with a bunch of twist and fun ^^
They all look super interesting, but they are not playable without a bit of preparation in advance.
Most of them need scenery, extra beasts ...

Here's a small teaser of "The Beast Run":


A special spell offered to wizards in a different Battleplan "Against the Horde"

Siege Warfare

The last part covered by the review will be siege warfare.
The GW take on siege is that in the mortal realms fortresses come in all sort of forms and aspects so you don't really need the chaos fortress to play, you can use pretty much everything you have.

- You select one of the two battleplans, decide who is attacking/defending.
- Then the besieged deploys 5+ terrains pieces of his choice in his deployment zone, so if it's fit you could use 10 brayherd stones.

2 examples of a fortress:

Siege Phase

Before the game the assaillant can choose to: Starve, bombard the wall, dig a tunnel.
The besieged chooses a defense: Gather, repair, counter dig.
Both choices are made secretly!

Then you roll some dice and see what happen, this is before the game even starts. Then you can procede and play like normal. Just keep the scenery rules close to the hand ^^

Voila, that's it for the General's Handbook 2017.


Incredible value out of this book. 2016 was already great but this edition is even better! I wonder how they are going to keep up in in 2018 :D

Must buy if you play or want to play AoS :)