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A Time of Monsters and The Beast Run

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Hello everyone !!

Day 2 of the Monster love week !

new rules you can use :


The Beast Wars were named for the mighty creatures that rose up across the lands to fight, infused by the bestial energies of Ghur.

At the start of your hero phase, you can heal 1 wound that has been allocated to each of your Monster units.


During the Beast Wars, the unbridled ferocity of the terrible creatures that dominated the battlefields soon became dark legend amongst the harrowed survivors.

Monsters can be picked to fight when they are within 6” of an enemy unit, and can pile in up to 6”.

The Beast Run Battle plan
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One of my favorite narrative battle plan "The best run" it's a super fun mission i love to play it !

Download BattlePlan : The beast run


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