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Death Guard Codex Fluff

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little fluff summary for the DG Codex - enjoy :)

Legion Organisation

The Death Guard are still a coherent and organised Legion as opposed to most other - in fact, they are now even more than they were at the outbreak of the Heresy, thanks to their resilience and harvesting of loyalist geneseed.

The Legion is divided into seven Plague Companies, who numbers thousands of warriors - utterly dwarfing loyalist Chapters. Each Plague Company has seven Sepsis Cohorts with roughly 700 Plague Marines each, and these Sepsis Cohorts are divided further into two Maledictums with seven companies each.

1st Plague Company are called the Harbingers and are led by Typhus himself. They love their Plague Zombies.
4th Plague Company is ruled by the Eater of Lives, aka Grulgor - cool, although it's weird he isn't leading the 2nd anymore.
6th Plague Company are called "The Ferrymen" or "The Brethren of the Fly", and they garrisons the Plague Fleets.
The 7th are Mortarion's Chosen Sons.

The Death Guard still uses super heavy tanks, drop- and gunships, drop pods aswell as Destroyer Colonies (Marines using alchemical weapons), although they have no rules for them - very cool, and far better than the old "GW Codex ignores fluff without models or FW stuff in their background section".


- Starts with the Siege of Terra, although not much info is given about that. Death Guard are the only legion that manages to retreat in good order - for this they are gifted the Plague Planet, aka Barbarus 2.0

- Legion Wars are mentioned, taking some time and thousands of years shall pass where the Dg are rarely seen outside of the Eye of Terror.
- Morty and the 7th use Nurgle Orks (called the Green Death) to attack an Ecclesiarchy world. Yep, Nurgle Orks are a thing again!!
- Black Crusades are mentioned as plan to trigger the Great Rift. Morty sends his warbands to support Abaddon, Typhus fights alongside the Warmaster more than once.
- Battle of Kornovin aka Draigo vs Mortarion - only a pyrrhic victory for the Grey Knights, Morty uses the time to gather fresh forces and plots his next invasion.
- Siege of Vraks is in the timeline!
- Typhus infests Hive Pandorial on Necromunda with the Zombie Plague ...
- Plague in Commoragh

- Great Rift opens - Plague Fleets strike all across the Imperium.
- Plague Wars in Ultramar
- Waaaagh! Badsmak attacks the Scourge Stars - Morty defends them.
- Typhus duels and humbles Huron Blackheart, leaves him alive as a lesson in Nurgle's might and generosity.

- Saim-Hann gets attacked by the 5th and 6th Plague Company. Part of the Craftworld gets infected and cut off by ghost warriors. Nurgle Daemons posses the surviving clan members of that part and turn them into insectile half-breeds. Nurgle-tainted Aeldari Corsairs are a thing now!

- Morty banishes Ka'Bandha using seven corrupted skulls turned into grenades.
- The Eisenstein is sighted beyond the third moon of Lorn's Landing (what!?) and later Morty and his Legion invade the planet. Looks like this was the sixth time the frigatte was seen ...

- Typhus attacks Medusa and turns regions of the planet into cursed quarantine zones.
- 7th Plague Company attacks the fortress monastery of the Minotaurs and taints the gene-seed stocks beyond redemption. They are now on a desperate quest for survival, a crusade across the stars to reach Terra and access purified gene-seed reserves before the Chapter wastes away ...
- Morty and his Deathshroud survive alone against a whole legion of Necrons.
- Oh, and infected Necrons are a thing too ...
- Death Guard plagues are so toxic, not even a Tyranid would want to drink it ...

- Big battle between Iron Warriors and Death Guard, including Perturabo vs Mortarion. Morty wins, Perturabo is grumpy.

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