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The Armies of Firestorm: Stoneklaw’s Gustompas

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Hello everyone !!

Another tease by GW about new allegiances for Firestorm.
It's a fun on you roll 2 time D66 before battle and choose one result. : there is 12 possibles outcome (11 if you consider that 11-13 is choose any) . You can get cute option like free move at start, night fighting or even ambush..

Cant say too much until NDA lift but when you conquer zone you draw cards (domain card) and you get ressources that can be spent on stratagems (or other thing)

It's like Age of Sigmar meet Age of Empire !!!

We'll make our review of firestorm this night.
Usually we publish at 00:01 GMT but tonight i play Bloodbowl (Week 2, 0-0-1) so it's going to delay this to later this night !

All hail Nuffle !