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The Warbands of Shadespire: The Sepulchral Guard

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Hello again everyone !!

There is a new article about the Sepulchral guard on the warhammer community !

By far my favorite warband !!

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The lynchpin of the Sepulchral Guard is the Sepulchral Warden. With 4 Wounds and a powerful ranged attack (it *is* a very long spear!), the Warden would be a key fighter even without their additional abilities. Using the Warden, you can move two fighters instead of one in a single activation, allowing you to mobilise your whole warband in a single turn. Meanwhile, if you lose any, the Warden can simply bring them back, and in fact, Inspires when you do this twice!

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The most powerful fighter in the Sepulchral Guard is the Champion. With Cleave even before he Inspires and a range of upgrades, they’re lethal against the Stormcast Eternals and Ironjawz warbands. Like all the other fighters in the Sepulchral Guard Warband, The Champion Inspires when he is returned to the battlefield.

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