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Shadespire talk right now on twitch (with dev dave sanders)

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Hello everyone !!

Shadespire talk (thing we learned) :

-Discard pile is face up (so you can check the discard of your opponent)
From Charles Alexander really listening the stream:

The sound was pretty rubbish which was a shame as there was lots of interesting info.
The game started with the minis which were originally intended to be added to the easy to build range.

The game originally used d6 with modifiers, hit values etc. This was changed to attack dice, defend dice and support dice. Finally the support dice was combined with the attack and defend dice to make the two sets we have.

The board was originally more modular but it was reduced to the 2 boards we have.
He reconfirmed that more boards are coming soon.
All of the first 8 factions were playtested together and hundreds of test games were played.

gah sound is terrible !