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Info from Spiel 2017

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Hello everyone !!

Quick info from spiel :

Finally, we’ve had loads of questions from Necromunda fans about when Delaque, Cawdor, Orlock and Van Saar will be joining Goliath and Escher in glorious plastic. We’re pleased to say that Necromunda: Underhive and Gang War will be but the first of many Necromunda releases. While Goliath and Escher will be available in their own boxes from day one, they’ll be followed by the four other Clan Houses in 2018

(text from warhammer comunity)

Shadespire :
Next 2 warbands are coming first quarter 2018 (Not sooner ?)

Bloodbowl :
Union elves for christmas

This multipart plastic kit is one of the most advanced for Blood Bowl so far, with modular face-masks allowing for great depth of customisation.