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Necromunda Unboxing (by Gorrilla Painting)

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Hello everyone !!

Gorilla Painting from NZ (connected to a shop there i think) made an unboxing of the Necromunda 2dbox + comment on the Gang wars extension.

I) Sprue and plastic

2 Sprues per gang. Duplicate but with quite of lot of customisation (weapons, arms, face, hair)
1 Objective sprue
1 doors Sprue
1 template sprue
Bases (textured one)

II) Assembly notice :

Lot of optional choice make an extra gang box a must have to get 20 customized models !! with cutting drilling and magnet maybe wysiwyg could be doable in Necromunda !!

III) Tiles, Box and punch cards !

9 tiles dual sided
The bottom of the box count as an extra room (haha good idea)

IV) Cards

Riding the cards Hype you can use them to play the starting gang in the 2D game and create gangs using the blank one.
It could be a good idea to use sleeves or laminating them to use eraser pen. Ps: Cards are not compatible with MTG sleeve.

Then there are gangs tactics (More detail in the gameplay vid today on twitch)

V) Book

ref sheet
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Gang war supplement
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Rules for campaign play and 3D terrain.
Only Goliath and Esher in the book (confirmed multiple time), maybe other house will be aviable on DL at release but we are not sure atm.

Original video : go check it for more details !


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