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Scenery talk at warhammer tv.

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Hello everyone !!

Talk is ongoing about the new scenery !

Nothing new at 16h16 (uk time).

But some precision about the scenery incoming for christmas (ruins, plasma generator, plasma regulator).
They worked very hard on the modularity with the Mechanicus sector. So they are compatible, pipe are the same height, 2 panels cover to fix on the coursives, generators lot of stuff.

Tbh it's quite hard to retranscrit this discussion, they are very fun but it's a bit chaotic !

Q/A :

-An extra topper for the painting handle is planned i guess.
-All scenery box for 40k have rules and all older scenery will be update to 8th
-You can stack power pipe on top of each other.
-Dragondais is out of stock (i heard right ?


Thumb regulator

Thumb scenery3

Thumb plasma1
Thumb conduit