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More Primaris and Death Guard E2B

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New easy to build kits on the way - including two missing options from the Death Guard Codex.

via Kobrakei, B&C

"At my local GW today and they received a next steps panflet for people who have just bought Dark Imperium. It had the usual such as Mortarion and Primaris characters, but it also had some new Easy To Build kits, consisting of the following

Redemptor Dread
Lord Felthid and the Court of something something
Plague Hauler

The pics were only of the box artwork so couldn't see the exact content or models and there were no prices, but the Lord Felthid box was of a Lord in Cataphract armour with a Manreaper, and three Plague Marines around him."

Lady Atia

Edit: Updated post with the flyer, thanks @ Primalexile.