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Necromunda Q&A

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Our review copy arrived (big thanks @ GW, as usual), and we are gonna answer your questions regarding the Underhive box, the Gang Wars book and future releases as far as possible - just ask your questions in the comments below, I'll also update the post with the ongoing Q&A.

Lady Atia and Bob :)

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Models and cards:

Q: How much customization is in the models? Or are you stuck building their gangers?
A: A bit like the Death Guard Plague Marines - basically, they made 2 custom versions of each model, but you can convert and cut quite easily. Keep in mind, Forgeworld will release resin upgrade kits for additonal custimization. Also an enormous number of small bitz on the sprue. Enough head options aswell as seperate hairbitz.

Q: Can I make a Goliath that dual wields two revolvers?
A: Yes you can! You are allowed 3 weapons, unwieldy weapons count as two. You could also have an Escher girl with two plasma pistols (nasty, but you may end as a sun ...).

Q: Do the roster cards clash with the roster sheets? I personally prefer roster sheets where I can have all my information in one place.
A: The roster sheet included in the game cannot replace cards as it doesn't have stats on it. You also need the cards to select your guys for random crews in certain games.

Q: How are crews implemented? Surely I won't need to get 40k/AoS sized armies of gangers... Right?
A: You probably won't go over 20 guys tbh. That said, some weapon options for your champions and leader may be handy!


Q: Can you buy stuff from the trading post when you first make your gang?
A: Nope, only the house options. Also - trading post may have cheaper/more expensive variants for you.

Q: Are there any armour options available to buy from the trading post?
A: For armour you have 3 options - furnace, flask, mesh. Underarmour adds +1 to armor rolls. Keep in mind the Trading Post is basically a "living rulebook" - it will get expanded later on!

Q: There's been a persistent "confirmed" rumor bopping around that gangers won't be able to change loadouts in the middle of a campaign. Assuming that's true, how does the Trading Post function?
A: Some of your guys can have more than one set of loadout. So for example your leader could have up to 3 different loadouts, and you use three different cards for her. Keep in mind that in a scenario where your crew is drawn random, so is your loadout.

Q: How do they handle advancements?
A: Gangers : 0-6 xp, at 6 xp you gain one random advance and reset xp.
Rest of the gang, you spend xp to buy upgrades as you see fit (price ranges from 3xp to 15 xp) for different advancements.

See more about Gang Progression here:

Q: One of the big problems of the original was you reached a certain point where your gang could outpace other players with little hope of them ever being a threat. Has this been dealt with in any meaningful way?
A: You have a pre-game phase were you can get extra tactic cards if you have less models. The big thing are the scenarios though - basically, you have now a gang and a crew. Your gang can be quite big these days - but you choose your crew for each game. Sometimes random (using the character cards), sometimes not. Basically, the scenario aswell as the cards should help balance outpacing gangs - future Supplements may add more.

Also keep in mind - Necromunda is more about narrative play than organized play. Stuff like ambushs don't need to be balanced, they are supposed to be cinematic and fun.

Q: How does the campaign sequence work?
A: First you choose a campaign duration (for example three months). Inside the campaign duration you have "Turf War Sessions" that lasts as long as you want. Inside a turf war there are cycles (lasting one week in our time).
See more about the Campaign System here:

Q: How do retirement checks of the gang work?
A: Between Turf Wars you can decide to retire your gang. At the end of the campaign the gangs are retired.

Q: I cant play a campaign with other gangs? Legacy gangs rules will not have the necessary rules for it?
A: You can! But you won't find any rules for said gangs in the book - the legacy rules will be available for download on release day though. Keep in mind, this is just the start and we will get many new and expanded rules in the future, including a bigger trading post.

Zone Mortalis and Sector Mechanicus:

Q: Can you show us the 2D Tiles?
A: Yep, see here:

Q: How big is one tile?
A: 1'x1' - same as the FW tiles!

Q: Any extra rules for Zone Mortalis in Gang Wars?
A: The only extra rules are tiles placement sequence in campaign play. Zone Mortalis (even if you use the FW tiles) is still the "flat" mode - no climbing over these walls, silly!

Q: How do Tiles with "Green Ooze" work? Impossible terrain?
A: Actually, no. You can pass through it, but it will lower your Toughness by one. You can also go out of action when you are laying in a pool of toxic slime. (That said, you could easily define certain pools as impossible terrain.)

Q: How much potential is there in playing only a 2D version? I am interested in something relatively simple, but more interesting that a random board game.
A: The basic rules between the two modes are the same. Only real difference is the "climbing" part of the 3D rules. That said, you also have ZM tiles with damaged floor etc where you can fall down.

Necromunda: Underhive is a tabletop, not a board game. The tiles are just a really cheap way to give you an awesome Zone Mortalis board that can also be used in 30k and 40k! These 3D tables are not cheap and time consuming to paint, so it's great for beginners!

Upcoming stuff:

Q: I hope we get a new Mad Donna mini at some point?
A: We will :P.

Q: Are the Beastman Bounty Hunter rules in Gang Wars? Any other Hired Guns in there?
A: Nope. You will get the rules aswell as a special character card with Gor Half-Horn aswell as all his future friends. It's possible we will get more printed rules with the next supplement though.

Q: What's with Hanger-ons? Where is my Underhive-Hobbit Mastercook?
A: Sadly, Gang Wars has neither rules for hang-ons nor hired guns. Just a little blurb about upcoming releases who will have their own rules with them. Gang Wars only has expanded rules for Goliaths and Eschers, aswell as 3D scenery.

Q: Which Gang is next? How fast are they gonna be released?
A: Orlocks are next. Plan is to release one Gang per quarter (similiar to Blood Bowl). Forgeworld will produce resin upgrades, weapons and characters. Basically, the idea is to have one month Necromunda, one month Blood Bowl, one month Adeptus Titanicus as soon as it's released. Initial six gangs should be out around this time next year!

Q: Will we get rules for a Chaos Cult?
A: Defo down the line. Probably via WD or online, as you already have access to plastic cultists and lots of Forgeworld upgrades.

Q: Will we get rules for the Genestealer Cult?
A: Same as with Chaos Cults - planned down the line, probably via WD/online. A future Trading Post update will also include all the cool Genestealer Cult mining weapons!

Q: What's with pets and beasts?
A: Rules (and prolly models) for them will be released in the future!

Q: Outlander Gangs in the Legacy PDF?
A: Nope, they require specific campaign changes. Not possible with the current rules frame - later!

Q: Hanger-Ons - neutral or gang specific?
A: Both. Still in the concept phase, but ideas for both are there.

Q: Ash-waste Supplement down the line?
A: Something that can be done in the future. For now the focus is on the initial six gangs, with support for Genestealer/Chaos as they already have models. After that Outlanders and stuff like Arbites, Ratskins, Wyrds.