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Details and options of the Escher sprue

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Hello everyone !!

Necromunda is a game with a high level of customisation, and I really wanted to give you a good overview of the sprues, so you can plan how to equip your girls, and I'll do the Goliath's sprue tomorrow!

The Escher Sprue
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Whether in the Basic box or in the Gang box, there is only 1 type of sprue (this one.) So you get the same one twice.

Here's a break down of the options:

Bodies and Legs

- There are 5 bodies + legs for each of them on each sprue.
- Legs are not really easy to swap unless you have correct green stuff skillz ;)
- The Boss body (Second from the right) has the option to remove the trench-coat on her shoulder.
- The Trench can be used on other bodies with minimal adaptation (a couple of cuts)
- One problem is - both the Combi-Bolter and whip have parts of the trench-coat on the arms.

See this image:

Not that hard to fix for the bolter arm (left) but a lot harder with the whip (right).

Melee Weapons

On each sprue melee options are:
- 2 stilettos on left arms.
- 1 stiletto on right arm.
- 2 swords, one left and one right. So it's possible to equip one model per sprue with 2 swords !!
- On each sprue there are as well 2 stiletto hanging from a belt (one is coming with grenade but you can cut them if you want.) So It's quite easy to go for a lasgun + dual stiletto combo right of the bat !

You could also glue 2 swords (with or without scabbard) on the hip/back of the model, to equip her with a dual sword combo.

ps : Small rant, the weapons present in the trading post are limited to the one present on the sprue, there is no basic sword (Edit from Atia: For now! More weapon options are on the way)


To me it's the most important part - dual wielding pistols are so cool ^^

6 pistols per sprue!

- 1 plasma pistol (left)
- 1 slug/autopistol gun (left)
- 1 laspistol (left)
- 3 laspistols (right)

There is no holstered pistol on the sprue.
The plasma and auto pistol are both left handed and there is only one left handed laspistol.
So if you plan to go full John Woo style you are going to need some extra bitz. Because of course you want a dual plasma pistol champion!


All rifles but one are two handed:
- 2 lasguns (right) + left hand sculpted on the gun
- 1 Shotgun (right) + left hand sculpted on the gun
- 1 Autorifle (right) + left hand sculpted on the gun
- 1 Lasgun (right ) held in one hand and over the shoulder. So you get to use the left arms as you prefer.

Specials weapons

- There is one chem thrower per sprue. One hand wield the gun the other the reservoir. It shouldn't be too hard to modify the reservoir to fit it on the back if you want to free the right arm.

- Combi-Bolter: the weapon feels insanely strong. If you can get an ammo cache (with tactics cards) or at the trading post you are going to crush your enemies. Only problem is you need to equip one of the two trench coats on the back of the model or cut it.

- Whip: It's going to be a pain to use this one on a non trench coat model (and yes, anyone could use it, not only your leader).

Heads, Hair, etc

Lots of choices:
- 8 heads without hair
- 7 hair styles
- 1 head with hair.

- 4 grenades/sight/respirator/things to hang on belt.

Really easy to mix as you prefer it.

Cute combo
- One plasma pistol with a telescopic sight aiming. 12" range +3 to hit roll ^^ (aiming +1, telescopic sight gives you the short range bonus at long range.)
This sight is cheap and common, so easy to acquire.
- One Bolter champion at the top of a tower with a Boltgun + sight = 24" zone of death !

PS: I'll add the images at the end of the post if you want to zoom.
PPS: Keep in mind we will get more FW upgrades with new weapons in the future :)


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