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Matched play update !

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Hello everyone !!

New info from warhammer community concerning Matched !

Obj sec is back
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+ Flyer can't take obj now.

Points change
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Green is good for you red is not !
Forge world stuff :
Malefic lords = 80pt
Sicaran venator got a 100(or close to 100) points discount !

Lastly my 3 favorites :

the rules on targeting characters have received a very slight change in order to prevent, for want of a better word, shenanigans involving line of sight manipulation.

Command re-rolls can no longer be used to affect Mission dice rolls. These are rolls that are used to determine who gets the first turn, whether the game continues after turn 5, and so on

Understrength units can only be taken in Auxiliary Support Detachments

Load of change to digest ^^


(sorry for the late post but i was playing Terraforming Mars venus expansion)