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Blood Angel codex presentation by warhammer TV

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Hello everyone !

Transcript of the warhammer tv talk about Blood angels codex.

General Fluff :

Still Angel/Blood thirsty maniac fighting Daemons !

Tycho is present in DC/normal.
Dante still CM (off course)
In the post great rift story, Hive fleet levy is on the door.
Red thirst / Black rage fluff is still the same
Keen on blood ritual to transfert blood of the Primarch.
NEW fluff about what happen after the hive fleet / Khorne thing.
They slipped that Sanguinus is in statis/bad shape state.

Organisation :
Same old, 10 comps with 100 but they are less than 1000 these days.
During the description it seem that Primaris are integrated in Normal codex organisation.
Some codex update since big G came back: Comp can get boosted by reserve company.

Cast of character :
Successor chapters get a special Relic but can't use BA one. (So they get only one ?)
FT boss is included too.
Corbulo, Meph, Dante, Astoraph the grim, Sanguinor.
Chapter ancient have been added to the codex.

Rules :
DC : New strategium to add DC trait to Character model.
Strategium : Extra move at the start of the (game/turn ?)
Strategium Red rampage : +1d3 attacks to a characters charging.
Strategium Increase Charge distance (no details given)
Black rage : +1 attack when charge, 6+ FNP
Meph can still fly ! but can't take a Jump Pack ^^
Primaris have red Thirst (so they should be subject to black rage too, more info to come).
Can use index stats.
Every models you can put together, get rules in the codex.
Wings of sanguinius : extra move in the psychic phase

Check BA new units here

Edit : More details on the sanguinus part :

-Someone on twitch asked if : Sanguinus could have a Jet pack (he meant meph off course)
Then the design studio guy started with "i don't understand the pun" then "he can't because is dead" and finally after a bit of bla bla :"
being in stasis (bite his lips and hesitate) he's in bad shape"

exact phrase is : "stasis in a mess in a bad way" 47 min of the stream



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