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Chapter Focus: Dark Angels

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Thumb 40kda dec4 talonmaster

Hello everyone !!

Chapter Focus by GWCT with lots of cool stuff :
-New custom speeder for Ravenwings lieut
-Grim resolve battle trait
-Some very good stratagem

Note :

Ravenwing lieutenants are known as Talonmasters, and they serve alongside Sammael (or his successor equivalent) with specially modified Land Speeders.

I was wondering if successor could have specials characters and it seem you can. Now i wonder if you can take Dante in a BA successor chapter ?

I can't wait to try 10 Hellblaster on full power near Sammael with weapons from the dark age stratagem.

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Thumb 40kda dec4 grimresolve

Thumb 40kda dec4 weapons

Thumb 40kda dec4 lionsroar
Thumb 40kda dec4 hunstman