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The 8th ed Heresy Project - DIRECTORY

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

ArbitorIan over on Heresy30k has made a directory post for all the released 8th edition community project rules so far - enjoy:

Battles in the Age of Darkness

This is on V1.1, as a resource for the basic army-building rules, common abilities, missions and the option for Crusade Reserves (additional Lords of War).

Army Lists
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Legiones Astartes

Currently we have V2.1 of the Army List, which corrected most of the obvious typos and forgotten bits from V1.0, and we're on V2.0 of the Legions book, which has Legion rules, Primarchs and Legion-Specific Units, but no other Characters yet. We're working on points values for all the Legion-specific stuff, and snagging typos and broken rules as they're pointed out. We also, currently, don't have Blackshields, Shattered Legions or Army of Dark Compliance.


Legiones Astartes Army List:

Crusade Imperialis

The Crusade Imperialis book is on V1.3, and features Imperialis Militia & Cults and Solar Auxilia in their first incarnations. Any feedback and scanning of mistakes gratefully received!

If you have an account, you can give feedback over on Heresy30k and help building a great ruleset :)

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