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The Brotherhood of the Lost Project: Book One - Insurrection

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a quick post about the first preview for Book One of the BotL alternative universe Heresy Project - enjoy:

What is the Brotherhood of the Lost?
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"Greetings, and welcome to the Brotherhood of the Lost. As many of you know, of the original twenty legions to serve the Emperor in the Great Crusade, two have never been explained or explored, instead referred to the Lost Legions. Not content to leave a void in this intricate universe, many hobbyists have crafted their own legions with imagination and creativity. Other talented writers and dreamers went a step further and crafted entirely new Heresies, such as the famed Dornian Heresy. Which brings us to this project, which started with this question: "What if the canon legions were replaced by lost legion projects?"

Here we are, seven months later, with 18 new legions that have led to a new conflict: the Icarion Insurrection. While many things have parallels to the canon, such as the infiltration of Chaos and the fall of the greatest Primarch, many differences have emerged. No longer is this a two-sided conflict lasting only seven years, but a multi-front war between several different factions lasting decades.

As far as we have gotten, halfway through completing our first book, there is still much more to go through. More importantly, while we have a solid crew who brings together their own unique skills and talents, we lack good artists. So, we would like to extend an invitation to anyone with an artistic expertise to join us and be a part of one of the most ambitious 30k fan projects on the Internet. Not only do we invite artists, but also writers. There's so much new potential and territory to cover, that our own efforts have only reached over a small percentage of it. Lastly, we invite everyone to come by and simply enjoy our hard work at establishing a new universe and all of the surprises within.

The project is located in a sub-forum on the Bolter and Chainsword website ("

Really awesome stuff going on there, and this is just a fluff teaser! Check it out =)

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