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Nurgle Battletome !

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Hello everyone !!

Very cool video

Maggotkin Battletom announced (at last ^^)
Here an official preview by GW here
can't wait to share our review ^^ (06-01-18)

Highlight :
-Blightkings get a point reduction
-Lord of Blight grant ranged shooting to Blightkings
-GUA give +3 move with the bell

It's raining mortal wound ^^
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Rotigus is textbook storm cast killer ^^

Lottery kill ^^
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haha rolling seven on 2d6 is a 1/6. (but once per battle, start of your hero phase, and once per battle).

So to pull it of you have to move all in as a second player and stand close to archaon or nagash, then win the initiative roll, then roll a seven on 2d6....

anyway lot of new stuff !!