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Next week - more Custodes, Thousand Sons and the Hordes of Sortiarius!

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Next week is all about more Custodes and the mortal followers of Tzeentch in 40k!

Codex: Thousand Sons
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"The Thousand Sons have long been an iconic part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, growing from a reference in Rogue Trader to the Rubric Marines to the first army to receive a Primarch in the new era of Warhammer 40,000. Now, the Thousand Sons are being transformed into a faction in their own right, replete with unique units, rules and much more besides.

Codex: Thousand Sons contains in-depth insight into how the sons of Magnus fight, as well as what life looks like on Soritarius. Inside, you’ll find a wealth of material to inspire your army and Stratagems, Relics and more to help you realise your dream force. Want to build a coven of sorcerers with Magnus the Red at the centre? With 18 psychic powers across three Psychic Disciplines, you’re spoilt for choice. Fancy a chittering horde of Tzaangors and other beasts of Chaos? With new rules for the Tzaangor Enlightened, Tzaangor Shaman and Mutalith Vortex Beast, you can do just that."

Custodes: Jetbikes and Wardens
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"Every member of the Adeptus Custodes is a master of warfare in all of its forms, but certain members show particularly notable talents. Those who excel at surgical strikes and hold particular loathing for enemy commanders serve with the Allarus Custodians (now available for pre-order), while some can take their enhanced reaction speeds and immense dexterity and marry them to a Dawneagle Jetbike; part bike, part indomitable weapons platform. These are known as the Vertus Praetors, and next week, you’ll be able to pre-order them for your army.

Some members of the Adeptus Custodes have something that can’t be manufactured or trained – raw experience. The very oldest of the Golden Legion are known as Custodian Wardens, each several centuries old and imbued with several lifetimes worth of practice overseeing the greatest military operation in the Imperium – the defence of Terra."

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