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Horus Heresy: Scorched Earth

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The regular version of Scorched Earth is up for pre-order, and will begin shipping in the week commencing July 27th 2015.

it's cool to see more and more of the former limited edition stuff re-released as hardbacks :)

Lady Atia

What's in the book?

Nearly a quarter of a million loyal Space Marines lost their lives on Isstvan V – the Dropsite Massacre lasted only a few hours, and yet the Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders were slaughtered by those they had once called kin. With the disappearance of their primarch weighing heavily upon their hearts, Ra’stan and Usabius of the XVIIIth Legion leave behind their fellow survivors and strike out into the Urgall Depression. Their mission: to find what, if anything, remains of mighty Vulkan...

See the aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre as the Salamanders search desperately for any sign of Vulkan. Get into the heads of Space Marines who may have just lost their primarch as they take revenge on the traitors – and discover things about themselves and their allies that they might wish they hadn't. Look out as well for the first appearance of a phrase that will resonate throughout the Horus Heresy... Vulkan Lives.

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