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Legion of night !

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Hello everyone !!

New teaser for Nagash battletome : Legion of Night !
This legion is led by Mannfred von Carstein the Destroyer of world ;)

Mannfred BIO

If you use Legion of Night keyword you get :

Bait :

Stack well with gravesite !

Cunning :

Allow more agressive gravesite usage.

New artefacts/Traits :

Unbending will :

Unholy Impetus :

Cursed Blade :

Morbehgs Claw:

(Combo !)

Formation :

Nightfall pack :

Mannfred + Vargheist + Skel.
Grant Swooping Predators to you Vargheist.

I don't understand why Nagash still have Mannfred as a Mortarch ^^ He is even Better than loki with Thor :D

The BloodSeeker Palanquin

Built from the same kit as the Coven Throne and Mortis Engine, the Bloodseeker Palanquin is an unusual and deadly new Soulblight unit in Legions of Nagash, designed to bolster your other vampiric units and slay enemy heroes.

Yay sound cool !

On the rules side you get :

Fine Vintage

New spell : Blood Siphon :

It's a good unit if you play against an army with multiple small Heroes/Buffer Around the main line.
But damn 9" is a small radius.

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