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The Horus Heresy: Malevolence

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Quick overview about the next two Horus Heresy Black Books - Malevolence and Angelus (the former Angelus split in two).

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Yes, this is a Laernean Terminator, alongside .... maybe Alpharius at the start of this post. Maybe. You never know. Seriously, we already have enough models for him, but well .... you can't have enough of the Hydra, right?

New Daemon kits coming to combat Legions. Variations and upgrades. They are still working on the rules, and are looking at militia style rule builds.

Chondax and Signis Prime.

Signus Prime will be based around the Signis system and combating Daemons. Chondax will be based around Alpha Legion trying to stall the White Scars leaving their Chondax Crusade.

Vlka Fenryka are in attendance and it is to do with the Alpha Legion chasing the Rout into the Alaxxes Nebula.

There will be a new Destroyer unit for the Blood Angels - they wear silver death masks!

Khan will possibly have the option for jet bike, including model option.

Book 9 is scheduled to be Dark Angels and Night Lords, Dark Mechanicum and the Sarum Campaign too. For now has the working title Angelus again, but that may change.

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