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Review: Daughters of Khaine - The Fluff (Morathi, Aelfs and more!)

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Big fluff summary of the new Battletome - including answers about the Aelfs, their gods and even a hint about something upcoming …. enjoy!

The Age of Myth

Morathi awoke early during the Age of Myth, after Slaanesh literally puked her out.
In The World That Was, she used blood magic and sacrifices to Khaine to keep her youth and strength, but this wouldn’t work anymore so she used the shadow magics of Ulgu instead
Sick of being alone, she used her powers to summon mist elementals and shadow daemons to have companions, and travelled all 13 regions of Ulgu with them.
She hates herself because her new true form reminds her of Chaos and Slaanesh. With the help of her shadow daemon lovers, she could regain her old form but anger or passion would transform her back to her true snake-y self.
Later she met Malerion, and got quite jealous. Her son was now an immortal god, a master of shadow magic even mightier than her. Still they worked together against Chaos, and especially Slaanesh. They joined Sigmar’s pantheon, and brought civilization and the teachings of magic to the Mortal Realms.
Mother and Son used their sorcerous powers to summon a great citadel - the later Druchiroth, seat of Ulgu’s largest kingdom.
While part of the Grand Alliance, neither Morathi nor Malerion were fully trusted. Still, Tyrion and Teclis, Rulers of Light found common cause with Malerion, and rumours about Morathi and Slaanesh started to emerge …
She refused to talk about her past or how she escaped her bondage. She tried to seduce Nagash and the Great Necromancer struck her down - revealing her true medusa-like form and forcing her to flee in shame.
Malerion granted his mother a small piece of land in Ulgu - there she build a temple for Khaine, Hagg Nar.
Later, Malerion arrived there and claimed that the Aelfen gods had finally found what they had searched for a long time - Slaanesh!

The Trapping of Slaanesh

Following the destruction of The World That Was, Slaanesh was missing. The youngest Chaos God had hidden herself, trying to get a good nice after-lunch nap.
Teclis heard the tormented, devoured Aelf souls with the help of his beacons of light (and Tzeentch ….). Teclis, Tyrion and Malerion created a plan to lure Slaanesh out of hiding and into Uhl-Gysh. They recruited Morathi to have a balance of light and shadow for their upcoming mission!
Morathi told the aelfen gods how she had forced Slaanesh to vomit her back into reality.
Together, they harnessed the energies of Hysh and Ulgu like never before. Using themselves as bait, they succeeded in entrapping Slaanesh - and they also started to extract the aelven souls! She is now quite a hellish mass, with lots of souls coming out of her - outch!
Spells made sure that Slaanesh would be trapped between Hysh and Ulgu. Morathi cheated and added a spell that would give her more souls than originally planned, which weakened the magical bindings.
- Slaanesh is now more near Ulgu, no longer perfectly trapped between the realms. More and more questing parties are trying to find and rescue their god - The War of Shadows has started!

Aelven Souls, Empires and Dead Gods

To each of the gods, as well as Morathi was given a portion of the Aelfen souls.
They reshaped the souls and forged new creatures into being!
In Hysh, Tyrion and Teclis created luminous beings and angelic aelfs. Teclis’ first enclave were called the Idoneth - although they disappeared, and future projects proved better.
Malerion reshaped his souls into something dark, terrible and majestic …
Morathi stored her souls in the Máthcoir - a giant iron cauldron, and started to create the Melusai and Khinerai after her own image. “Normal” Witch Aelves are from Azyrheim it seems.

She claimed that Khaine still spoke to her, and named herself High Oracle.
Morathi sent her khainite rivals on shard-quests to recover pieces of Khaine.
Consumed by the demise of The World That Was, all of the aelven gods were destroyed. Still, it was possible that they could one day reform! (I wonder if we even might get Ynnead in AoS? I guess not, but still ….)
The Chaos Gods, Nagash and Malerion sought what little power of them was left.
Many sought the broken shards of Khaine (should have tried a craftworld, eh?^^), and most were claimed by Khorne!
The blood god used these essences to forge weapons for his mightiest Bloodthirsters - outch!!
Khorne couldn’t reforge the Iron Heart of Khaine, and threw it away over into the Mortal Realms.
It landed in the cave of Kharybdar - the Father of Kharybdisses.
Morathi felt the heart, and seduced the Godbeast (yep, you heard right). Sadly, she kind of angered him and was forced to battle. Morathi won direly wounded, and took the heart with her to Hagg Nar. No one knows what happened with poor Kharybdar ...

Morathi cursed the male aelven souls she got - they are weak slaves (basically, similiar to House Escher). A few of them are still born quite ok, and these become the Doomfire Warlocks. Morathi binds them with runes of control - although she tells them they are there to protect their souls from Slaanesh.
The walking Khaine statues are golems, not really full-scale avatars like in 40k. Still, funny to have a plastic Avatar in AoS, but none in 40k^^

The Deepkin and Malign Portents!
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Bands of Idoneth Deepkin …. what they are? Well, you will see for yourself in the future ;)

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Slaanesh’s forces besiege Ulgu in order to free their poor god.

Really some exciting stuff, including the sighting of the Idoneth Deepkin!

Lady Atia and Bob

ps: Part 2, rules ! is nearly done !