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Fantasy miniatures bring roaring success to UK's Games Workshop

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Hello everyone !!

Interesting article on the Guardians about GW success this year !

Extract :

The Nottingham retailer and model manufacturer was catapulted into the FTSE 250 after pulling off a battle plan that Raboute Gulliman – the avenging son of the Emperor of Mankind in sci-fi spinoff Warhammer 40,000 – would be proud of.

The shares have risen more than 160% in the past year, giving the company a market value of £770m, more than breakdown specialist AA – one of the companies booted outed of the 250 index in the reshuffle – and the retailers Card Factory and Jacamo owner N Brown. Its current share price of £22.95 compares with £5 two years ago.

It's astonishing how GW turned the situation around. Because the article doesn't explain GW situation prior this good run. Off course we know they were loosing fan & money and that a few new games shacked the supremacy of GW (Warmachine, Xwing, King of war, Infinity ...).

Anyway link to the original article :