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Unit Focus: Armiger Warglaives

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Hello everyone !

Some details about the new Light Knight.

Armigers Kights


: To pilot an Armiger is an honour, albeit one much less prestigious than piloting a fully fledged Knight. For this reason, Armiger pilots are drawn from the lesser nobility of a Knight world, from distant cousins of the ruling House to commoners and lowborn uplifted by virtue of their exceptional talent for war.


3 Armigers per LOW slot.


14" move
12 wounds
3+ save and ion shield.
Attacks : 4
no fall back + shoot like normal knights.
That spear !
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Look super strong and Assault D3 to boot ? hoho

Reaper Chain Cleaver
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good against heavy inf but that's all.

Thermal spear feel super duper strong waiting for the points cost !