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Adepticon News Overview - Knights, Sisters, Deepkin

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Quick notes from the Adepticon Seminar:

- There will be an upcoming AoS Card Game, called "Warhammer Champions"

- Idoneth Deepkin - surprise, surprise, Aelfs with an underwater theme, including sharks, cute seahorses and a turtle with a boat
- Next Codices for 40k will be Imperial Knights (including a new big one - the Imperial Knight Castellan!), Deathwatch and Harlequins
- "Combat Roster" - new app for building your lists in Warhammer 40k

- Plastic Sisters of Battle! 2019!!!
- Previews and Beta rules are planned!

- "The Grand Necromancer is far from finished, though, and there’s much more in store for the legions of Shyish this year ..."

Event Exclusive Primaris
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