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Idoneth Deepkin tactics !

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Hello everyone !!

Transcript of the Deepkin Tactic with a member of the testing team :

Command trait : Unstoppable fury , during high tide general get +2 attacks, to 6A 3+ 3+ -1 1d3.
Enclave trait : Eels reroll 1, hit and wound on turn 3 (i think, it wasn't super clear).
Akhelian generalgrant Rider Battle line.
Eidolon Aspect of the sea (magic version), but still have a lot of attack/shooting. Dormant energy : heal 1d3 if no spell/dispell, 12 wound only. 3 spells
Seamist : casting 6, pick any unit in 12" heal 1d3 or 1d3 dmg if ennemy.
Tsunami : pick d6 unit -1hit -1bravery.
Maelstrom : cast on 6, deal 1d3 to nearly unit.
Leviadon : Grant cover around him 12"

Tide Caster :
Riptide : -1 to hit , so you can stack it with the Eidolon tsunami
Arcane corrosion : cast on a 6, mesure the closest unit, more far they are the more damag they take. 1/2/3/4 MW up to 48".

Soul Scryier : Combat teleportation device, weak attack but
Finder of the way : 2 ID units can Deep strike on the table edge, 9 " away of enemy
Charge phase : pick 1 enemy in the charge phase ID unit get +3" to charge it (combo !!!)
Ritual : roll 2d6 on a 10+, you can add +1 for being close to the priest / Ship wreck / Heroes. Grant Heal, reroll stuff. (Ishran ritual all hero can do it)

Namarti : Sweeping blow, : +1A against 1w model and +1D vs models with wound >4 . (unit up to Thirty models).

Reavers : Very good in units of 30. Two version of shooting 15"(1A) or 9"(3A) 4+ 4+ no rend 1d.

Akhelian shiealan guard on eels : 3+ 3+ 3A NR 1d / 1A d3 3+ 3+/ 1d3 3+ 3+ d1/ battleline / 4+/ fly / 14"/4W/Immune to rend +1sv on charge. It's the defensive version, combo very nicely with the leviadon (that grant cover) so you are always a 3+ ignore rend. Could go to 2+ with Mystique Shield.

Leviadon : 16w, 3+ ,2 Harpoon 3A 3+3+ 24", Move 12", 1 attack 2+ 2+ rend 2 Damage D6, on a 6 deal 6 Mortal wounds.
4A 3+ 3+ damage 2. + attacks from riders. Grant cover to nearby ID 12" (the whole unit have to be inside 12") So doesn't work on a charge.

Command ab of the king : grant extra attack.

Gloomtide shipwreck : at start, the 2 parts of the model can be placed close or far away, within 6" you get a 6+ fnp against mortal., ennemy within 3" you take 1mw on a 4-5 and 1d3 on a 6.

Note : The beta tester didn't know/forgot that you don't get cover save when charging ^^ But the Codex writer knew about it, tot avoid to stack bonus for eels on charge turn or on the Leviadon or during first turn.

PS : Don't forget that all ID have rules that say you can only shoot the closest unit/model. Btw I really hope that under 10W heroes get this rules in every army.

ps2 : Battle report army list :
Akhelian King, Isharann Tidecaster, Isharann Soul Scryer, Aspect of the Sea, 20 Namarti Thralls, 3 Ishlaen Guard, 3 Ishlaen Guard,10 Namarti Reavers, Akhelian = 1960 points So very elite army !

That is all

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