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Atia's weekly progress report #1

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Howdy everyone :)

This week was pretty quiet, just managed to build my new Sylvaneth Dryads and Branchwraith. I also figured out a colour scheme for them, will post more later this week, just a little hint, my Sylvaneth army will have a bit of an asian-theme :)

Nothing spectacular this week :p

just a quick snapshot of my 12 Dryads and the Branchwraith, aswell as Elspeth' Carmine Dragon :P

HH: Blades of the Traitor

Also got my hands on Horus Heresy: Blades of the Traitor this week. Has some cool short stories in it, if you wonder why Mortarion changed his mindset after Scars, you need to check it out :)

And so we are at the end of this little weekly progress report from me :P

'till next week,
Atia :)