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X-wing second edition announced !

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Hello everyone !!

FFG anounced the second edition of the X wing game.
-No big change but some fine tuning.
-Force mechanism added.
-Conversion kit will be aviable for all 3 factions.
-Action can now be red or green too (like maneuver).
-Resistance & First order are going to be made in full faction (to surf the new movies i guess)
-Release is September 2018, (early access at con during the summer)

With X-Wing Second Edition, gameplay has been refined across the board, implementing minor tweaks and changes to improve the game’s flow, clean up interactions, and refocus the game on the physical act of flying starships. You can read more about the gameplay tweaks to X-Wing Second Edition in the questions below!

The Force is a crucial part of the Star Wars galaxy that has historically played a smaller role in the game of X-Wing. With the release of X-Wing Second Edition, we have the chance to implement the Force as an important part of the game, affecting how you fly your ships and the choices that you make in the heat of battle. For more information about the Force and how it plays out in your games of X-Wing, just keep reading our FAQ.

Faction identities have been strengthened in X-Wing Second Edition, giving each faction more unique tactics and strategies. Flying a squadron of Scum and Villainy starships should feel very different from flying an Imperial squadron, and with the game’s second edition, those differences are more present than ever before. What’s more, the First Order and Resistance have been reformed into their own distinct factions, separate from the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire—with their own themes, strengths, and weaknesses.

An official X-Wing squad builder app / website will be implemented, bringing a new level of dynamic play to Organized Play and casual games alike. This X-Wing squad builder gives players an easy way to assemble their squadrons and manage their collections, and it also allows the Organized Play team to explore dozens of new possibilities with alternate ways to play the game. The point cost of ships and upgrades and the upgrade slots available to ships can be adjusted for the course of a single event, a tournament series, or an entire season of the game. Ultimately, the X-Wing squad builder app creates dynamic and constantly evolving Organized Play unlike anything that was possible before. You can read more about the X-Wing squad builder app further down in our FAQ.

What are the biggest changes to how the game is played?

X-Wing Second Edition makes several changes that refine the core mechanics used by the first edition, cleaning up interactions and refocusing the game on the physical act of flying starships. Some of the more noticeable changes include red actions that induce stress, linked actions on ship cards, the introduction of the Force, upgrades with a limited number of “charges,” changes to turrets, and the ability to repair damage on your ships. What’s more, several cosmetic changes have been made to ships as they are rereleased in the game’s second edition, including allowing the wings on new X-wings to move between open and closed positions!

Anouncement page : LINK

Xwing2 page (faq is down there) : LINK

Video presentation : LINK

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Mandatory App

Why are there no point costs or upgrade slots printed on cards?

The X-Wing squad-builder app will track the point value of all ships and upgrades, allowing for fast and accurate squad-building. Points will adjust based on the type of game that you are playing, and the cost of a card could vary under very specific criteria. For example, an upgrade card may cost more for one ship to equip than another ship. The X-Wing squad builder app will also track which upgrades a ship is allowed to equip at any given time.

How will the squad building app work?

The X-Wing squad builder lets you build a custom squadron by explaining the rules of squad-point building and enforcing those rules so that you do not accidentally build an illegal squad. The app also tracks how many copies of each expansion you own, helping you know whether you can build a squadron that you create. In addition, the squad builder will track the point costs and upgrade slots for all ship cards and upgrade cards, allowing the Organized Play team and the development team to create new and unique ways for you to experience the game!

Not only does the X-Wing squad builder app enable fast, accurate list-building, the versatility of the X-Wing squad builder app means that it will be easy to support multiple styles of play. No matter where your games take you, the squad builder can be used to create specific types of games that test all of your squad-building abilities. The point costs or upgrade slots available to certain ships could be easily adjusted by the developers or the Organized Play team for the course of a single event, a series of tournaments, or long-term for the ongoing health of the game.

Certain ships, ship cards, and upgrade cards may rotate in and out of tournament legality, giving the Organized Play team an opportunity to create unforgettable and unique tournaments. You can even use the X-Wing squad builder app to create your own custom games if you’re playing at home or running your own tournament in a local store! By restricting certain cards, you can create a tournament that’s as unique as the game experience you want to explore.

Do I have to use the squad builder app?

While the X-Wing squad builder is best for players who want full control over their pilots and upgrades, you can also play a match using the Quick Build cards included in the Core Set. This mode of play lets you easily create a squadron using predefined selections. Each Quick Build card consists of a ship card, a number of upgrade cards, and a threat level from one to five. To play a match using Quick Build cards, players must agree to a particular threat level. Then, both players build their squadron by choosing a combination of Quick Build options that add up to that threat level.

For freeform building and tournament play, however, the X-Wing squad builder app is an essential part of the X-Wing Second Edition experience.