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Latest GMM studios army !

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Hello everyone !!

GMM studio completed another amazing commission army.
This time it's a Stormcast Stone/lava themed army. Such a grand work !
Brandon say he was inspired by the art of the MTG set "Dark"
read more on his facebook page :

Hello world,
Another post, that means another finished army commission! Back from Adepticon and spring in the air, feeling rejuvenated and that poured into this project. More black! I love painting black. Like painting anything really, but black is fun. Sort of like painting everything as a giant opal gem.
The request for this project was simply "black and yellow." Otherwise the client wanted to be completely surprised by the pictures. I have done everything at this point, from "by the box" to complete and utter surprise, and would say that the two and everything in between all are valid and fun for me. What usually matters end of the day is the person on the end getting what they are after, the foggy picture in their mind they can sort of see and that is just enough for it to be clear in my own. However sometimes there isn't one, or the guy just wants to have fun. I would never push a surprise army on someone, but sometimes it just "clicks." In terms of how they think and feel and our communication. When all the pieces fall together it is a pretty magical thing and unique experience compared to other lines projects follow.

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My favorite are these
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This army is glorious !!!

You can check his facebook page for more photo and projects ^^


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